Making DTC Profitable for Alcohol Brands

Direct-to-Consumer(DTC) can drive significant revenue for alcohol brands. But generating revenue as you scale is hard. insight: is a retail data stack that helps you understand your customers and grow your business. Done right, done profitably.

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Trusted by the most innovative drinks brands globally

insight: has been used in some of the largest DTC deployments globally. We are proud to partner with global leaders in bringing the best customer experience online.

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Better DTC

Data-Driven Advantage

DTC is more than an ecommerce store, you need to manage your inventory, orders, customer acquisition, supply chain, compliance and more. Our insight: retail data stack connects your Teams, Processes and Data in a single location. Allowing you to make the data-driven decisions that will ensure your success.

Bring Your Own Tools.
insight: connects to over 500 different services from Shopify, to Klaviyo, to Google Analytics and can connect to your custom tools. Don't force your team to learn new tools, insight: works with what you already have
Own Your Data.
Your data is valuable, insight: keeps your data in an isolated and compliant data lake. It is never shared and you maintain full control of it.
Leverage Our Expertise.
We've been in alcohol DTC for over a decade and have picked up a thing or two. Leverage that experience to get up and running faster and avoid common pitfalls.
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Better Tools

What's in a Retail Data Stack?

Data Lake + Automation Layer + AI/ML Engine

A retail data stack is a deep infrastructure layer that enables retailers to collect, store, and analyze data from all of their systems and channels. Independently, these tools would cost hundreds of thousands to deploy, manage and maintain. insight: has built optimized and scalable versions of these tools, and made them available to retailers for a fraction of the cost.

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Cloud-based, Petabyte-scale, compliant, secure and independent data lake. Designed to handle any workload

insight by BlackSquare

Execute any code in a secure, scalable, and compliant environment. Allows you to build, test and deploy automation code without impacting your customer experience.

insight by BlackSquare

Data + Automation + Vector Data = AI/ML. insight: has built a proprietary AI/ML engine that allows you to build and deploy AI/ML models in a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions. All included without major investment.

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